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Obligatory 2017 Kickstarter Post Part III: Top 10 List (Games 6-10)

Now we move on to the “main part” of my 2017 Kickstarter posts.  This is the first part of my top 10 list and will take a look at games 6-10 on said list.  These are ten games that I am really anticipating and think look very cool!  This post will take a look at the bottom half of my top 10 list, games 6-10, while the one right after will take a look at games 1-5.  Before we move on to the meat of the post feel free to check out the previous two posts in the series.

Now that we’ve caught up let’s move on to the next part of the post.  These five games look really cool and I’m excited to at least try them out.

Downfall is a card-drafting, area-control and space game designed by John D. Clair and will be published by Tasty Minstrel Games.  This game was funded by 1,228 backers and made $117,456 during its run on Kickstarter this year.  Right now the game is slated for a July 2018 release if everything goes as planned.  This game drew my attention due to the artwork and the setting.  This game is set in a future where 99% of the world’s population has been killed in an apocalyptic bombing.  Now those left over must attempt to survive and possibly rebuild the world that had been destroyed.  The players will do this by playing cards and drafting them.  This will give players different actions such as building structures, moving citizens, exploring the map, initiating conflict and producing/gathering resources.  As the winter track moves along there will be many different events which the players will have to deal with and in the end the one with the most points wins.  I love that TMG has decided to make a “Deluxified” edition of the game and I’m sure it will look amazing when complete and I hope it will play as good as it looks.

#9 – Root (Leder Games)

Root is a hand-management and area-control game designed by Cole Wehrle and will be published by Leder Games.  This game was funded by 8,454 backers and made $631,770 during its run on Kickstarter this year.  As of now they hope to have the game in the hands of the backers by August of 2018.  This is another game by a publisher that is starting to be known as an “expert” in assymetrical design.  This game, much like its predecessor Vast: The Crystal Caverns has highly assymetrical races that play much differently from each other.  This game has each player taking one of the races and trying to complete that particular race’s goal.  The players will have a hand of multi-use cards which is one of my favorite game mechanisms.  These cards can be used in different ways by the different races in order to make it to their end objective.  I love the look of this game and Vast was quite an amazing experience when we tried it out.  This is a game that we didn’t back but there is a good chance I will look it up when it reaches retail.

Crusaders: They Will Be Done is a rodel and area-control game designed by Seth Jaffee and will be published by Tasty Minstrel Games.  This game was funded by 4,162 backers and made $330,691 during its run.  As of now the game is slated to reach the hands of the backers around June of 2018 and I hope that they meet that date as I would very much like to try this one out.  This game is going to be another is TMG’s line of Deluxified games and I think it is a very good one to get that treatment.  This game finds the players taking on the role of a specific order of knights as you travel across the land in order to gain the most points with upgraded actions, control of the land, special rondel powers and buildings built.  I am a fan of a rondel mechanism in a game just in general, but I really like the idea of this particular one where you are able to upgrade the rodel and make its actions more powerful.  The rodel along with the area control and building powers make this game something I would love to try out!

Renegade is a deck-building, co-operative cyberpunk game designed by Richard Wilkins (of Box of Delights fame) and will be published by Victory Point Games.  This game was funded by 1,963 backers to the tune of $90,116 during its run on Kickstarter.  The game is currently going into its production and they hope that it will make it to the backers by their proposed February 2018 date.  This game came to my attention a little while ago as I’ve followed Wilkin’s Box of Delights page on YouTube.  I have tried this game on Tabletopia and it was awesome!  This game puts the players in the role of a “Decker” who is able to jack into the servers of a dystopian, computer controlled world that is taking of the minds of the general public.  During the game the players will upgrade their command cards in the style of a classic deck-building game but it has a few area-control twists that really add to the mix.  I’ve played this a couple of times and it is an absolutely amazing solitaire puzzle that can be difficult to beat depending on the “boss” character you choose to go against and the different goals that they pull.  I didn’t back this as I thought the price was too high for a Kickstarter card game but I’ll be sure to pick up a copy when it is inevitably released to the retail market.

Feudum is an economic, hand management and area control game designed by Mark K. Swanson and will be published by Odd Bird Games.  This game was funded in its original run to the tune of 3,028 backers and $263,852.  They then put up a second run of the game to fund a solo option and the option to get the base game in that project as well.  This second run ended up getting 1,543 backers who funded it for $64,769.  This game really caught my eye during its initial Kickstarter run as the art in it is absolutely beautiful.  The game starts with the players controlling a character that has been stripped of everything they have and thus having to make a journey to a different land and “remake” themselves in this new area.  The game uses hand-management and resource-management heavily during the play and also has some area-control.  This game has so much content and I hope the game is amazing because if it is then it would be right up my alley!

Alright!  There is the third post in my Kickstarter series complete!  These are some of my top 10 anticipated Kickstarter releases.  Keep an eye out as in the next few days I’ll have the final post in the series up and it will take a look at my top 5 anticipated Kickstarters.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read and I hope that you enjoyed.  Until next time, game on!

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