Saturday, December 31, 2016

Obligatory Favorite Games 2016 Edition Post Part V: Em’s Top 10 Favorite Games List (Guest Blogger)

Looking back at my top 5 games list from 2015, I can’t believe how many more games I’ve played and loved in just 1 year! While I still enjoy all the games I listed last year, this year’s list is definitely bigger and more diverse.

I got into tabletop gaming a few years ago when my husband I started playing together. While he’s definitely the expert, I’m finding myself enjoying tabletop gaming as much as he does!

Below are my Top 10 Games…I’ve played them all this year and it’s going to be so much fun to see how much this list changes and grows in 2017!

I know, it’s such a typical tabletop n00b game, but we didn’t play it until this year! I’m finding myself completely addicted and we have a TON of maps to choose from now. My favorite maps to play are United Kingdom and Pennsylvania. I have yet to win on the India map…damn you Mandala bonuses! But I have hope I’ll be able to kick Aaron’s butt in the new year somehow.

I. Love. This. Game. Seriously, it was a struggle to put it at #9 but there are so many fantastic games on my list this year! I love the combination of the baseball theme with the futuristic addition of cyborgs and robots. We have a lot of fun playing this one and I see many more gameplays to come.

I’m a huge fantasy/sci-fi nerd so this game was perfect for me. I love the hat-tips to Harry Potter throughout the game and being able to work cooperatively against this super-mean book of spells is a lot of fun. I thought it was a great gateway game for newer players too, so it gets a lot of play in our house!

Yes, another baseball-themed game, can you tell I’m a baseball fan? I love how simple this game is and it’s a 2-player one, which makes it perfect for Aaron and me to get to the table. I have to say that I replace the regular meeples with Totoro ones and it always makes me laugh. We have the Sentinels of the Multiverse expansion deck to use with it too, so that adds even more replay-ability to the game. Definitely a favorite!

#6 – Sushi Go

So simple, so easy to teach, sooooo makes me want sushi every time we play! We got the deluxe version this year and I enjoy it as much as I thought I would. An easy set collection card-based game, it’s perfect for new gamers and older ones who want a break from heavy, longer games. I can’t look at the dumpling cards without salivating though, so be warned!

I’m addicted to dice games, seriously dice love me about 98% of the time. The best part of Roll is that there are SO many ways to manipulate the dice so it isn’t completely luck-based. You always have moves to make and different ways to win.

AMAZING GAME! It’s a struggle not to describe the gameplay experience of this one in all caps, I swear. This was our first Legacy-style game and I’m completely hooked. We’re actually playing Seafall right now with a fellow gaming buddy of ours and the only reason that isn’t in this list is because we’re not done yet! I love the Legacy mechanic and the whole experience playing this game was phenomenal. Can’t wait for “Season 2” to come out and hit our table!

#3 – Tokaido

I adore this game. For some reason it’s the most relaxing gameplay experience for me. I love the artwork and the whole traveling concept. Being able to have so many different ways to win is always a plus with gaming for me and I have yet to get tired of this one. Aaron just got an expansion for Christmas and I’m sure it’ll be back to our table soon!

This was almost my #1 game this year and I’m still back and forth on it! I love this game! I’ve never been into the collectible card game genre and so I came into this game as a complete newbie. I’ve played with so many decks and have had an amazing experience every time. Fantasy storylines, dice rolling and mitigation and cards? Sign me up. I’ll be hard-pressed to ever move this one out of my top 10!

And here we are at my #1 game! 7 Wonders (the original game) was one of my favorites but it did get a little old and honestly not being able to have a great 2-player gameplay option was a bit of a handicap for me and for Aaron. When Duel came out I was so excited but a little skeptical that it would be what we were looking for…boy was I wrong.  It has the flavor of 7 Wonders with so many cooler components and ways to win, I love this game and would happily play it on a weekly basis (and we often do lol).

So there it is – my list for 2016…there are so many other fantastic games we’ve played that didn’t crack the top 10 but are worth mentioning so check out my sub-list below (in no particular order)!

***Hey everyone, this is Aaron.  I just wanted to provide some links to previous posts if you’re curious about the previous posts and/or lists.  The next four links are from this year’s favorite games’ list.  The follow links are to our posts from 2015.

Well, that’s it.  As always, thanks so much for taking take out of your day to read these posts.  Until next time, game on!

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