Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Obligatory Favorite Games 2016 Edition Post Part II: My Favorite Games: Top 10 List (Games 6-10)

Now we move from my honorable mentions to the meat of my favorite game’s list…the top 10!  This post will focus on games 6-10 while my next one will be games 1-5.  This list just got tougher and tougher to make as I moved higher as there are so many games that I really enjoy.  After much deliberation I have narrowed the games down and am quite happy with the list that I’ve ended up with.  If you haven’t yet had a chance to read my previous post, feel free to check it out at the link below.

Now with that out of the way let’s move onto the list.  These are games that are all amazing in my personal estimation and I always enjoy good plays of these games.  It was much tougher to make this list this year and I hope you enjoy reading it!

Baseball Highlights: 2045 is a deck building, hand management, card game that is designed by Mike Fitzgerald and published by Eagle-Gryphon Games.  This game is a fantastic head-to-head, two-player card game where each player takes on the role of a specific team and attempts to win 4 games in a best of 7 match.  This game feels highly thematic as each player spends their earnings in between games to buy free agents who can improve their deck and make them stronger in some of the different categories.  Each team can have a selection of natural fielders, cyborg pitchers, and robot hitters.  Each of the different types has their own specialties so you are really able to build up your deck in a ton of different ways.  Em and I found that we absolutely love this game and have a blast every time we play.  It almost always comes down to the final game in the best of 7 series which makes it a nail-biter the whole time!  This is also one of the few games where we tend to get pretty competitive which is also fun!  I’d highly recommend this game to any deck-builder fan, sports fan, and/or two-player game fan as it makes its way to number 10 on my list.

Sentinels of the Multiverse is a co-operative, hand-management, superhero game that is designed by Christopher Badell, Paul Bender, and Adam Rebottaro and is published by the Sentinel Comics offshoot of Greater Than Games.  I love how this game starts each player off with a separate deck of cards that represents the hero that they have chosen.  Each different deck plays completely differently and is highly thematic.  There are many who seem to really dislike the art but I can’t say that I’m one of them.  Actually I quite enjoy the art, it’s not great but it definitely works for the game.  The high replayability is also a great point of the game.  It is fun simply choosing the decks that you’ll use and the villain you’ll fight against and in which environment you’ll fight in.  This is fun to play with new people as well as it doesn’t really play like anything else I’ve tried before.  I can’t wait till the new expansion, OblivAeon, comes out as I think it will really be a good ending to the series.

Roll for the Galaxy is a dice-rolling, dice-building, tile-laying, civilization building game designed by Thomas Lehmann and Wei-HwaHuang and published by Rio Grande Games.  We found this game and instantly fell in love with it.  This game is quite an amazing dice rolling game that has a ton of dice mitigation in it.  Basically, depending on how you build up your civilization, you can completely change your dice faces and create some very cool combos.  I also love how each person will choose an action that they are going to carry out and the other players can follow them as well as long as they have a dice on that action.  This game is so very well designed it is hard to really find much wrong with it.  Roll for the Galaxy also has a great expansion by the name of Ambition which adds two new dice colors and some goals that players can strive for to really add more depth and replayability to the game.  I don’t see us tiring of this game anytime soon.

7 Wonders: Duel is a card-drafting, set-collection, civilization building game designed by Antoine Bauza and BrunoCathala and published by Repos Production with Asmodee.  This game came out last year and it was one that I was very interested in from the very beginning.  Em and I picked it up and it instantly became a favorite.  Then, this year they released the first expansion for the game called Pantheon which makes the game even more amazing!  This is an absolutely amazing two-player game and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is able to play two-player games on a regular basis.  Half of the fun of the game is how deep it is and how much better it gets with multiple plays with the same opponent.  With even more time this game could continue to climb my list.

Ticket to Ride is a card-drafting, set-collection, route-building game designed by Alan R. Moon and published by Days of Wonder.  This is a classic “gateway” game that is super simple to teach but has some fun decisions to make throughout the play.  This is a game that took us quite a while to actually break down and buy.  Finally, around the summer of 2016 we decided that we needed to own this modern classic.  We haven’t looked back!  This has become one of our most played games in the short time that we have owned it.  We basically started to play it and went right out and bought some of the different map packs to make the game infinitely replayable!  I am sad that we didn’t get this game earlier but we have more than made up for it since.  This game is also great because we can easily teach anyone how to play and they pick it up and have a great time with it right away!  I was surprised at how much Em and I really liked this game and because of these reasons it moves its way to number 6 on my top 10 list!

And there we have it, games 6-10 on my top 10 list.  These are some amazing games and we still have 5 left that I consider even more awesome!  Come on back in the next day or so and I will have up my next list which will be games 1-5 on my top 10 list.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read!  Until next time, game on!

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