Saturday, December 31, 2016

Obligatory Favorite Games 2016 Edition Post Part IV: Games That May Crack My Top 10

We’re back with another post.  This one will differ slightly as it is going to be a list of games that I think could eventually crack into my top 10.  Before moving one with this post feel free to read my previous three posts.  The first post was my honorable mentions, the second was games 6-10 on my top 10 list and the third post was games 1-5 on my top 10 list.  Just click on the links below to check out those previous posts.

This is going to be a speculation post.  This basically means that I’m just looking at some games that I think could very well be on my top 10 list at this point next year.  Before we move on I’ll just explain that some of these games I haven’t played at all while others I don’t feel I’ve played enough to place it on my list yet.  These are all games that I’m extremely interested in due to either some limited plays or because of some interesting online reviews and/or playthroughs.  These games will all be in alphabetical order, not numbered.  Enjoy your read!

This is a hand management, card-drafting, multi-use card game released by Portal Games and designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek.  This game could one day overtake Imperial Settlers as my multi-use card game of choice.  I love the theme, art and gameplay!

This is a co-operative, hand management, adventure game released by Fantasy Flight Games and designed by Nate French and Matthew Newman.  We just got this game and have played the first scenario and it was awesome.  I could see this moving up the list with subsequent plays.

This is a worker placement, set collection, action point allowance system, industry game published by R&R Games and designed by Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer.  This game is the very definition of an elegant Euro-style game and I could see this game moving up with more plays.

This is a worker placement, tile placement, economic, pattern building game released by Z-Man Games and designed by the great Uwe Rosenberg.  My current favorite Uwe game is Fields of Arle but I could see this one moving up with its clever “Tetris” mechanic much like Patchwork.

This is an auction, set collection, area control, Mancala-style game published by Days of Wonder and designed by Bruno Cathala.  We just got this game and have only played it twice but have loved both plays!  I could see this one moving up quickly on my list as we really get into it more.

This is a heavy economic, worker placement, commodity speculation game published by Eagle-Gryphon Games and designed by Vital Lacerda.  This game is awesome.  However, I haven’t played it enough yet to really put it up high on my list.  This game could end up cracking my top 5 if I can get in enough plays of it!

This game is a hand management, tile placement, deck building game released by Stronghold Games and designed by Alexander Pfister.  We just go this game for Christmas and haven’t gotten a chance to play it, but from the playthroughs I’ve seen I know I’m gonna love it!

This is a hand management, area control, multi-use card game released by Tasty Minstrel Games and designed by Tony Boydell.  This game is an amazingly designed game with some of the best uses of multi-use cards that I’ve seen.  I look forward to more plays to see where this one shakes out!

This is a time track, economic, car manufacturing game released by Stronghold Games and designed by Matthias Cramer.  This is another really elegant Euro-style design that my wife and I love.  I still need more plays to see where it ends up but we really love it!

This is a dice rolling, story-telling, co-operative, mystery that is released by Fantasy Flight Games and designed by Nikki Valens.  I was always interested in this game but didn’t like the one versus all play.  With the app and the second edition this is solved and the game is very fun!

This is a co-operative, programming, card-drafting game that is released by Riot Games and designed by the group of Chris Cantrell, Rick Ernst, Stone Librande, Prashant Saraswat and Nathan Tiras.  This game is everything the hype played it up to be.  I would be surprised if this didn’t move up my list and possibly crack the top 10.

This is a card drafting, hand management, commodity speculation game released by Level 99 Games and designed by D. Brad Talton,Jr.  This game is quite an amazing piece of work.  It truly feels like you’re playing a CCG.  This game is very close to working its way on to my top 10 list.

This is a card drafting, tableau building game released by Formal Ferret Games and designed by Gil Hova.  The theme of this game is what originally drew me to it.  I love the idea of building up your television station and Em and I have loved our few plays of the game thus far.

Roll player is a dice drafting, set collection, fantasy game released by Thunderworks Games and designed by Keith Matejka.  We picked this up just before it went out of stock everywhere and have been able to play it a few time.  We really like it and I could see it in the top 10 with enough plays.

Well, there you have it.  These are a bunch of games that I could see possibly cracking into my top 10 list with enough plays.  The only couple that I haven’t gotten any plays of yet are Great Western Trail and A Feast for Odin and those two I think could really move up the list if they are as good as I think they are.  We are almost at the end of this series of posts.  Keep an eye out later today for the final post which will tackle my wife’s top 10 list.  I was excited to see her choice and some actually surprised me!  Thanks again for reading.  Until next time, game on!

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