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Obligatory “What I Played In…” Post Part XVII: November 2016

And we’re back with another of my “What I Played In…” series. This one will be the games that we played and obtained in November. This was a pretty light month in the way of total number of games played but we played a fair amount of longer games. It’s all good though…any games played are fun for us! Okay, on to the statistics and then to the plays!

Total plays in November 2016 – 22
Total unique games played in November 2016 – 14
New games played in November 2016 – 3
New games acquired in November 2016 – 1
New expansions acquired in November 2016 – 1
Most plays of a single game in November 2016 – 3

Mechs vs. Minions

Designer – Stone Librande/Chris Cantrell/Rick Ernst/Prashant Saraswat/Nathan Tiras
Publisher – Riot Games
Last play before November 2016 – 10/28/16
Total plays in November 2016 – 3

Em and I got in three more plays of this wonderfully produced and super-fun co-operative, programming game this past month. This game was announced so quickly and they did such an incredible job with the production of it that it was easy for me to pull the trigger when it went up for order. I am so glad that I decided to get the game as it has been an absolutely amazing game and my wife and I have loved every minute of it. If you have the money or are able to play a copy then I’d highly recommend you do so as the game is great!

Roll Player

Designer – Keith Matejka
Publisher – Thunderworks Games
New to me
First play – 11/7/16
Total plays in November 2016 – 3

We have had this game on pre-order for quite a while and it finally made it to us earlier this month! This is a really fun dice-rolling and dice-placement game where you are acting as though you are rolling up an RPG character. I love all of the classic fantasy tropes that are in this game. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who just wants a good dice-placement game…you don’t even have to care about RPG’s…although that does help!

Ticket to Ride

Designer – Alan R. Moon
Publisher – Days of Wonder
Last play before November 2016 – 10/26/16
Total plays in November 2016 – 3

We got in another three plays of Ticket to Ride this past month and one of them we were even able to teach Em’s sister Molly how to play. It was a blast and she really enjoyed it! We still love this game and it is one that won’t ever leave the collection. This month we played on the Pennsylvania, Switzerland, and India maps. We have almost 30 plays of this game this year and I expect we’ll get at least 2 more before the end of the year!

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords

Designer – Mike Selinker/Chad Brown/Tanis O’Connor/Paul Peterson/Gaby Weidling
Publisher – Paizo Publishing
Last play before November 2016 – 9/5/16
Total plays in November 2016 – 2

Em and I got in a couple more plays of this one with the Sins of the Saviors adventure deck. We are almost done with this box then we’ll probably move on to the Skull & Shackles box and have fun slowly working our way through that one!


Designer – Rob Daviau
Publisher – Plaid Hat Games
Last play before November 2016 – 10/31/16
Total plays in November 2016 – 2

Em, Josh and I got in two plays of this fun Legacy game with past month. This game has just been an absolute blast! I still think I prefer Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 if I were pressed into choosing one over the other…but that being said, this is an awesome experience!

7 Wonders: Duel (w/ Pantheon)

Designer – Antoine Bauza/Bruno Cathala
Publisher – Repos Production
Last play before November 2016 – 10/5/16
Total plays in November 2016 – 1

We got in a play of this two-player gem with past month with our new copy of the expansion, Pantheon. Wow, this expansion is awesome! It does exactly the type of thing I love for expansions to do. It brings in some new cards, some slight tweaks to the game, and some great new art! These things make this an awesome expansion for those who love the game as it gives just enough new decision points to make the game feel totally fresh. This is a great game and I would also highly recommend the expansion for those who like it.

Eldritch Horror

Designer – Corey Konieczka/Nikki Valens
Publisher – Fantasy Flight Game
New to me
First play – 11/4/16
Total plays in November 2016 – 1

Josh taught me and a few other guys this game this past month. I was pretty pumped to try it out as I always thought that I would enjoy it. I was right! This game was very enjoyable as we fought against Cthulhu and just barely kept him from rising from the deeps. It was an incredibly thematic experience and we walked away from it with some cool memories of some of the games happenings. I look forward to more plays of this one.


Designer – Przemysław Świerczyński
Publisher – Board&Dice/Greater Than Games/Fabled Nexus
Last play before November 2016 – 10/5/16
Total plays in November 2016 – 1

Em and I got this in a trade for Medieval Academy and man do I ever think we got the better end of this deal! We are really enjoying this simple-to-teach but rich-in-decision game! I also love the “curb appeal” of this game and it just looks great on the table as you are playing. I want to teach a couple other people this game as I think it’d go over really well!

Guilds of London

Designer – Tony Boydell
Publisher – Tasty Minstrel Games
Last play before November 2016 – 9/20/16
Total plays in November 2016 – 1

We got in a single play of this game and it made me really happy! This game combines so many different things I love in games! It is a card game, has multi-use cards, uses combos effectively, and has a large decision set…all I which I completely adore! I don’t think Em is a thrilled about this game as I am but hopefully she’ll come around to it eventually!

Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King

Designer – Alexander Pfister/Andreas Pelikan
Publisher – Lookout Games/Mayfair Games
Last play before November 2016 – 8/5/16
Total plays in November 2016 – 1

We got in a single play of this Kennerspiel des Jahres winner this past month. This is one of those games that I think everyone should try. It has a very simple rule set but comes chock full of some interesting choices which is why I love the game so much. Pfister is on a roll and I am really looking forward to what his plans are for the coming years.

Lords of Waterdeep (w/ Scoundrels of Skullport)

Designer – Peter Lee/Rodney Thompson
Publisher – Wizards of the Coast
New to me
First play – 11/24/16
Total plays in November 2016 – 1

Josh came over for Thanksgiving to hang out with Em and I, eat some delicious food, and play some fun games! One of the games he brought along was this well received worker-placement game. Man, I really enjoyed this one! Worker-placement is actually one of my favorite game mechanisms and this game does it really well! I would highly recommend this one and think it would be easy to teach anyone who is used to games.

Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu

Designer – Chuck D. Yager/Matt Leacock
Publisher – Z-Man Games
Last play before November 2016 – 10/30/16
Total plays in November 2016 – 1

This was the second month in a row that we taught some friends this game! I guess this is becoming our go-to, gateway-ish, co-operative game to teach to friends! I have no qualms about that previous statement! This game is totally great and a wonderful, thematic experience. I think that Yager did a great job in making this game feel like the original Pandemic but also create an entirely new experience! Oh, and on a side note, this was our third loss in a row…on our last card draw! Brutal!

Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot

Designer – Ignacy Trzewiczek
Publisher – Portal Games
Last play before November 2016 – 3/28/16
Total plays in November 2016 – 1

It had been a while since we’d played this game so we pulled it out and taught Molly one night when she came over. She really enjoyed it and wants to play again sometime soon with Dustin. I still really enjoy this game…it is just simple, raucous fun!

Rolling America

Designer – Hisashi Hayashi
Publisher – Gamewright
Last play before November 2016 – 5/30/16
Total plays in November 2016 – 1

Em and I wanted something really quick to end a night and I found this one in our cabinet of smaller games. We hadn’t played this fun little multiplayer solitaire dice roller in a while and so we decided to pull it out. We both had excellent plays but I ended up winning with my best score ever!

New game acquisitions in November 2016:
Roll Player

New expansion acquisitions in November 2016:
7 Wonders: Duel: Pantheon

And there you have it everyone, our plays during the month of November. Again, it was a light month but I don’t regret it as we were really able to get some quality plays during the month. I’m probably going to work on our top 10 lists next which will be really fun. After that I’m going to make my “End of 2016” series. As always, thanks so much for reading! Until next time, game on!

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