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Obligatory End of 2016 Post Part VII: Top Interests of 2017: Top 10 List (Games 6-10)

Okay, with the Honorable Mentions out of the way let’s move on to the top 10 games of my 2017 interests.  These are all games that I’m very interested in and think that they are all going to be good games.  I’m looking forward to being able to check many of these out and I’m sure at least some of them will make it into my collection at some point.  Before I move on feel free to check out my previous posts in my “End of 2016” series (which I know is going pretty far into 2017!) at the links provided below.

Alright, now we can move on to the meat of the post.  These are games 6-10 on my top 10 list of games from my 2017 interests.  The next post will be the top 5 games of my 2017 interests but until then enjoy the read!

Dice Forge is a dice rolling, dice-crafting card and dice game where each player is vying for a seat in heaven by defeating their rivals in battle.  The game is designed by Régis Bonnessèe and is published by Libellud with Asmodee.  The game uses simultaneous dice rolling and resource gathering along with a dice crafting mechanism in the 2-4 player dice chucker.

This is a game where each player will take and roll their dice during each player’s turn and gather the resources.  Then, the active player is able to take their actions to do different things during the turn.  The players will be able to buy different dice faces which will give them the ability to craft their dice and make them fit their strategy.  Upgrading the dice will make each action more powerful and give more resources which the players will be using to complete ordeals and gain glory points.  I am very excited about this game as I’m a huge fan of Seasons which is this designer's best game.

Spirit Island is a co-operative game where each player is a god on an island where they will need to fend off invading explorers in order to win.  This game is designed by R. Eric Reuss and is published by Greater Than Games division, Fabled Nexus.  This game uses hand management, card drafting and variable player powers as its primary game mechanisms in the co-operative experience.

In this game each player will take on the role of a god on an unnamed island that is being overtaken by a group of settlers who want to spread their blight of existence across the flawless island.  The players will have to co-operate and use their fast and slow powers in order to spread fear into the hearts of the colonists and force them off of your island paradise.  The game will progressively get more difficult as the islanders continue to ravage the land in order to create their towns and cities and spread themselves over the terrain.  I caught this game on Kickstarter last year but didn’t back it.  After doing more research I realized that this is a game that I’ll really like so I very well may pick it up at retail.

First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet is a co-operative game where the players will attempt to survive the harshness of Mars.  This game is designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek and published by Portal Games.  It uses worker placement, storytelling and variable player powers as its primary mechanisms while the players co-operatively work to survive the harshness of the planet.

This game is actually a re-imagining of Ignacy’s previous work, Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island.  This game will take the ideas of the original and push the boundaries a bit with the usage of an app.  The app will drive the card decks that were used in Robinson Crusoe and will allow the game to grow and change as the players make different choices during the game.  This game will have different difficulty levels (which the original did not) to allow for an easier or more difficult experience as tailored to the player’s wants.  The game also can be played as a one off, a campaign, or as an open world where they roam and explore for as long as they are able to survive.  I am quite excited about this game as Robinson Crusoe is one of the best co-operative games out there and I think this one will top or equal its predecessor.

Anachrony is a worker placement game where players have to balance the present day with the past as they will time travel in order to prepare their people for a coming apocalypse.  The game is designed by Richard Amann, Viktor Peter and Dávid Turczi and is published by Mindclash Games.  The game uses worker placement and variable player powers with the time travel theme as the players attempt to either escape or find a way to avert the apocalypse.

This game came out on Kickstarter last year and had a very good run.  The game is a very clever theme where each player will take control of a faction leader who is trying to make his/her faction the greatest of the four all the while trying to avoid the coming calamity.  The players will use different workers and place them in different action spots in order to take different resources and the like.  The workers can also be placed in mech suits and go out into the wastelands in order to complete missions and gain resources.  I love the look and scope of this game and would like to try it out!

Lisboa is a hand management game that takes place in during the mid-18th century while Lisboa was rebuilding after multiple tragedies and natural disasters that occurred.  The game is designed by Euro-master Vital Lacerda and published by Eagle-Gryphon games.  The games uses hand management, tile placement and area control as its primary mechanisms during the heavy, Euro-influenced gameplay.

This is another Eagle-Gryphon Kickstarter that had a very good run.  They have really been working with Vital Lacerda and I think they are completely doing justice to his amazing games.  I absolutely adore The Gallerist and think that I’d love this game as well.  The game finds each player taking on the role of a member of nobility as they are attempting to gain political influence in order to rebuild the city and take control of commerce, construction and other means of gain in this brilliant game.  The hand management is especially clever and I really love the use of tile placement as well.  Lacerda’s games are well oiled machines and I think this game is going to be no different than his others in that way.  On top of the amazing looking gameplay, the art and graphic design are wonderful as wellI can’t wait to try this one out!

Alright, there are games 6-10 of my top 10 interests from the games coming out (or already come out) in 2017 that I haven’t yet been able to try.  This is shaping up to be a pretty good year and I’m excited for what incredible games are on the horizon!  Check in next time and I’ll complete my “End of 2016” series (finally) and move on to my Origins 2017 posts.  Thanks so much for reading!  Until next time, game on!

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