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Obligatory End of 2016 Post Part VI: Top Interests of 2017: Honorable Mentions

Alright, finally the last part of my “End of 2016” series.  This one has taken me a bit but I’m glad I took some good time to find some ideas of the games that I’m interested in hopefully coming out this year.  These are all games that have (or hopefully will have…) a 2017 release date.  There are some games (usually Kickstarters) coming out that I’ve left off the list because I think they will likely be 2018 releases and just want to stick to this year’s games.  This will be the first in the three posts.  This one will focus on some honorable mentions and some others that look interesting, the next will focus on games 6-10 and the final post will focus on games 1-5.  Before reading, feel free to check out the links below to check out the first 5 posts in my “End of 2016” series.

Alright, everyone back?  Now it’s time to move on to the main part of the post.  These are 5 games that just missed my top 10 interests of 2017 and thus get some honorable mentions.  Any one of these 5 games I’d love to try out and see how they are.  Thanks so much for checking this post and enjoy the read!

The first game that will be mentioned on the list is Sagrada, designed by Adrian Adamescu and Daryl Andrews and published by Floodgate Games.  This is a dice drafting and dice placement game that has you building a stained glass window.

You play a crafter who is making a stained glass window using your tools and colors in order to create the most beautiful work-of-art possible.  Each player will take turns rolling dice and then taking turns drafting said dice in order to place them on their boards in the best way to gain points.  Each player wants to be able to completely fill their board (if possible) so as not to get any negative points while trying to gain other points through different cards and objectives.  This game is absolutely beautiful and seems to have a really good, simple rule set that would be easy to teach new players and experienced alike.  I look forward to trying this one out as I love a good dice drafting game!

The next game to make my honorable mentions list is Vengeance, designed by Gordon Calleja and published by Mighty Boards.  This is a dice rolling and miniatures game with some card drafting that basically takes place in a revenge movie.

It finds player taking on the role of a hero who has been tortured by a gang (or gangs) that are in the game.  Your goal is to build up your character and level them up in order to go and enact your vengeance upon the gang during the game.  Each player will take part in two different phases, the montage phase and the fight phase.  The montage phase is much like a movie where the characters will heal up, upgrade themselves and their items and then scout ahead to see what each of the gang’s hideouts look like.  After the montage phase comes the fight phase.  This is the real meat of the game.  The players will pick one of the scouted gang areas and will end up rolling into the hideout and rolling dice in order to defeat the minions in order to make it to the boss.  When they make it there they will attempt to enact their bloody vengeance much in the style of a Tarantino movie!  This game’s theme really interests me as does the apparent dice-based puzzle that each fight ends up being.

The third game to hit the honorable mentions list is Yamataï, designed by Bruno Cathala and Marc Paquien and published by Days of Wonder.  This is a route building game with some amazing art and beautiful components as Days of Wonder is really known for.

Each player is competing with the other players in order to build palaces, torii, and other buildings in the land of Yamataï.  The players start by drafting tiles which will give them immediate actions and also their place in the turn order for the next round.  This is a very cool mechanism which gives the players more choices and decision points to make during their turn.  After they get their goods, each player will be able to put out ships which will build their routes along the islands.  They will then get the opportunity to take tiles, hire specialists, and build buildings which will gain points in different ways.  I am at a point where I’ll at least take a look at every Days of Wonder and Bruno Cathala game and this one looks like it will be another winner in their catalogue!

The next game (just one away from my top honorable mention) to hit the list is Flatline: A FUSE Aftershock Game, designed by Kane Klenko and published by Renegade Game Studios.  This is a co-operative, dice rolling, real time game that finds players helping those wounded after the bombs go off in the game, FUSE.

Each player will roll their dice and try to place them on the board co-operatively with the other players during 1 minute, timed intervals.  There will be wounded people and other ER emergencies which the players will have to deal with during the game.  I love that Klenko has designed another game in his FUSE universe and I’m sure this one will be just as good as its predecessor.

The final game, and thus my top honorable mention, to make the list is Founders of Gloomhaven, designed by Isaac Childres and published by Cephalofair Games.  This is a worker placement, city building and tile placement game which takes place in the Gloomhaven universe hundreds of years before the setting of the original.

Each player will take control of one of the races of the universe in their attempt to ban together (while gaining the most influence) to build the expansive city.  Each race will have their own strengths and weaknesses and thus will have to work closely with the other races in order to build the city.  I love the idea of a partial co-operative worker placement where the one who works the system the best will win.  I love Gloomhaven and can’t wait to try this one when it gets a release!

These are the five games that just barely missed my top 10 game interests that are coming out in 2017.  These games all deserve a mention as they are pretty high up on my list of interests that I haven’t played yet.  Below are twelve more games that I feel should get some sort of mention even though they didn’t “technically” make my list.

Alright, there we go!  These are my honorable mentions (along with some extras!) from the 2017 games that I haven’t yet played.  I’m sure there are many games I’ve missed and there are many more games that I probably don’t even know about!  Let me know if there is something you think I’d like because I’d love to check it out.  Plus, my next post will be games 6-10 and after that will be games 1-5 so they could possibly be on that list.  Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!  Until next time, game on!

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