Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Family Game Night #7

A few weeks ago we have our 7th family game night! Sadly this one only consisted of me, Em, and Dave because two other had to bow out due to previous engagements. Even though there were only three of us it was still a blast!

Em chose to go with some really good appetizers for this game night (not that she ever cooks anything bad) and everyone enjoyed them immensely. The first thing she went with was a jalapeno bacon popper. They had bacon cream cheese in them and then were wrapped in crescent dough and baked in the oven. These were my personal favorites and we tore through them! The second appetizer was a roasted butternut squash dip. This had goat cheese in it and we ate it with crackers. It was delicious! Then, in honor of the fall season, she made a batch of deviled eggs that looked like little pumpkins. Lastly we had some brownie cheesecake bites as a dessert appetizer. You can find the recipe for the brownie bites at my wife’s blog at A Tastymess. After filling out stomachs with delightful food and some Dogfish Punkin Ale leftover from our last game night (thanks Sean) we moved on to the gaming portion of the night!

The first game we chose to play was Sentinels of the Multiverse released by Greater Than Games. This is a wonderful card game where everyone chooses a hero and goes up against a villain in a particular environment. The amazingly cool thing about this game is that each hero deck feels completely different from the next! It makes this game very thematic as you’re attacking the villain. Also, each of the villains and environments that you go up against feel very different and thematic.

To begin with we chose to go up again the villain Baron Blade. He is a psychotic villain who hates the hero Legacy (a Superman-like character) and just wants to defeat him. His current plan leads him to create a ray to pull the moon into the Earth and destroy everyone, including Legacy! Like I said, he’s a psycho. We chose to take the battle into the environment entitled Ruins of Atlantis. This is a water-heavy (obviously) environment that lightning users thrive in. After the villain and environment was chosen we each picked our characters.

Em went with her favorite character, Wraith. She is a Batman-style of character who uses weapons, martial arts, and her intelligence to defeat the enemies. She is a damage dealer who is good with protecting herself. Dave went with Legacy, the Superman-style hero. He is good with protecting and aiding his fellow heroes. Lastly, I chose to go with Tempest, an Aquaman-style hero. He is an alien who is great a dealing lightning damage and healing his fellow heroes. We took these three heroes and were able to destroy Baron Blade with very little difficulties. It was a ton of fun and it is great to see how new people respond to this game as it’s easy to learn and fun to play!

Carcassonne Unboxing

Carcassonne gameplay

After finishing Sentinels we moved on to Carcassonne. This was all of our first time playing this game and we all loved it! This is such a simple tile-laying game where you are connecting roads, cities, and fields and placing meeples (wooden people tokens) on these roads, cities, and monasteries in order to score points throughout the game. It is a simple, quick game that absolutely anyone can learn and play and enjoy. I would highly recommend this game for new gamers! In the end, Em schooled us and one by a fairly large margin!

Dave's breakdancing meeples

Traditional "usie" catching Dave by surprise this time

As usually, we had a great game-night and I can’t wait for the next one. I have Diamonds, released by Stronghold Games, coming soon from CoolStuffInc and that may be on the docket for our next play. Any comments or questions, just hit me up in the comment section. Until next time, game on!


  1. Sentinels is a great game. Some of the effects seem to be up to player arbitration but this may be cleared up in later rulesets.

  2. yeah...love the game...i really want all of the expansions!