Thursday, July 3, 2014

Unboxing: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise Of The Runelords

One type of post that I hope to do every once in a while (money permitting!) is an unboxing post.  These posts will be done when I obtain a new game.  This will be my first, in what will hopefully be many, to come.  

So, lately, Em and I went through our apartment and did a “faux-spring-cleaning” where we chose to do away with many things that we just didn’t need any more.  With the extra money I chose to buy the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game from Paizo Inc.

This card game was created by the fantastic Mike Selinker and pits a bunch of fantasy characters against the world of the popular RPG Pathfinder series also by Paizo Inc.  The box contains over 500 cards which come together to create a rich world that you are able to take 1-4 characters through in order to fight and level up.  This box contains the beginning of the first adventure path which is entitled “Rise of the Runelords” and within that adventure path it holds a basic three scenario adventure and then a five scenario box that can be added in as the next adventure.

This box is overloaded with cards right from the get-go!  I love that you can choose from 7 adventurers (11 if you have the character add-on deck) and go straight out on an adventure.  I opened up the box and played two scenarios right away that evening when Em went to bed and loved every minute.  I chose to fight with Valeros (a grizzled, human fighter) and Seone (a seasoned sorceress) as my first two characters.  The first scenario took me a little while to figure out the card mechanics but once I did I was hooked.

Within the 500+ cards you get your 7 characters, items, weapons, spells, blessings, armor, barriers, villains (the big baddies), henchmen (the “mini-bosses”), monsters (the “common” baddies), adventure cards, and scenario cards.  This is a ton of goodies in one reasonably priced game (got mine for $60 but have seen it for $45 on Amazon) and I have no buyer’s remorse over it!

I may eventually do reviews and/or playthroughs on the blog, but for now I just want to give an idea of what you get when you unbox this game.  It is a game with beautiful artwork and fantastic “curb-appeal” and I think I’ll be enjoying it for a long time!  Until next time, game on!

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