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Obligatory “What I Played In…” Post Part XII: June 2016

Hello everyone…I’m back with another edition of “What I Played In…”  This month I’ll be taking a look back on our plays in the month of June 2016.  This past month was a great one for gaming and we were actually able to hit 100 plays for the month!  Along with our 100 plays for the month we also passed 1000 total plays since I started keeping track on BoardGameGeek in May of 2014!  June is usually the month that my family gets together for a vacation at a house my parents rent at the beach.  I’m not a fan of the beach myself but my family all love it and it gives us a week to just hang out.  This year Em and I brought a whole bunch of games (which I packed in a guitar case!) with us and we got a ton of plays in with my family.  We all had a ton of fun and it was great being able to teach them some new games and see that they enjoyed them!  Okay, on to the stats!

Total plays in June 2016 – 100
Total unique games played in June 2016 – 24
New games played in June 2016 – 4
New games acquired in June 2016 – 3
New expansions acquired in June 2016 – 1
Most plays of a single game in June 2016 – 27

Designer – Kane Klenko
Publisher – Renegade Game Studios
Last play before June 2016 – 5/31/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 27

Well, here we have another month and a whole bunch more plays of this little gem!  Em and I have become big fans of this quick, dice-drafting filler.  June saw us teaching the game to our family during vacation and everyone really liked it.  It is quite the addicting little game and really gets under your skin when you really want to beat that certain level!  I would highly recommend this one to any fan of dice-rolling/drafting and real-time games.

Designer – Vlaada Chvátil
Publisher – Czech Games Edition
Last play before June 2016 – 4/10/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 12

Since we were at the beach and hanging out with my family we decided to break out this wonderful “party-style” word game.  This game is so easy to teach and goes over amazingly well with everyone so we knew they’d all like it.  Along with the fam we were able to teach it to a couple of friends who came to the beach with us for a day.  All it all it went over great and everyone liked it.  I do think that it completely deserved the Spiel des Jahres nomination and wouldn’t surprise me if it won.

Designer – Carl Chudyk/Chris Cieslik
Publisher – Asmadi Games
Last play before June 2016 – 5/11/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 11

We got some more plays of this wonderful little card game and even taught it to my brother and sister-in-law when they came over for an evening.  This game remains as one of our go-to games for when we’re just going out somewhere to eat or anything along those lines.  We just throw it in a bag and will break it out for a couple of hands.  This was our first Chudyk game and really made me go out and find Mottainai which I completely love!

Designer – Rikki Tahta
Publisher – Indie Boards & Cards
Last play before June 2016 – 4/24/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 7

Another game to hit the table while we were at the beach with our family was Coup.  This is a great game to break out and teach players newer to the modern boardgame hobby as it is quick and easy to pick up and it totally different than most games they’ve previously played.  We had a blast playing this game as I was able to get a couple wins with some seriously underhanded play!  This one is always fun!

Designer – Antoine Bauza
Publisher – R&R Games
Last play before June 2016 – 3/19/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 6

We were able to teach this game to our family in June along with the others we’ve talked about so far.  I feel that this one went over really well.  Being that it is a co-operative game and one that is very easy to teach, it is really wonderful to teach to new players.  We played a few times at the beach and later one with my brother and sister-in-law and we have a couple scores over 20 points!  I am always amazed at the simplicity of some of these card game designs and this is one of them!  Hanabi is a simple but wonderful game, another Bauza hit!

Designer – Scott Frisco/Steven Strumpf
Publisher – HABA
Last play before June 2016 – 1/10/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 4

I pulled this game out at the beach and taught it to my nieces and nephews.  They kinda picked it up but to be honest I think they were still a little young for the game.  Regardless, they really loved the game!  They just wanted to keep building up the apartment complex and move Super Rhino around.  I love that they had a blast playing it even if we didn’t “technically” play it how it is supposed to be played.  I think this just shows that games are meant for fun, regardless of how it is had!

Designer – Ignacy Trzewiczek
Publisher – Portal Games
Last play before June 2016 – 5/17/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 3

We got in a few more plays of this game in June and I have to admit…I’m loving it!  To be honest though, this isn’t that surprising.  One of my very favorite game mechanisms is multi-use cards and this game is the perfect example of that.  This is the streamlining of the original 51st State and New Era games that came out a few years ago and this does a beautiful job of creating a smooth and wonderful game experience.  I love this game and it is possible that with more plays it will be in my top 5 and possibly take over the spot for Imperial Settlers…but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.  I need more plays and always look forward to getting them!

Designer – Alexander Pfister/Andreas Pelikan
Publisher – Lookout Games/Mayfair Games
New to me
First play – 6/3/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 3

Here is our first new game of the month.  We picked this up in an order along with a couple of others games as we’ve been quite interested in it.  After playing it three times this month I can honestly say that I am really enjoying it!  The auction and tile laying along with the interesting score tiles really make this a fun game.  So far just Em and I have played it but I look forward to teaching it to other people.  Pfister is on a roll and I think this definitely deserved its Kennerspiel des Jahres nomination.

Designer – D. Brad Talton, Jr.
Publisher – Level 99 Games
New to me
First play – 6/18/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 3

The second new game of the month for Em and I was this highly acclaimed card game.  This is labeled as a CCG simulator and man does it ever live up to its billing!  I feel like I’m playing a trading card game and going through the pack buying and tournaments all the while.  With more plays this game is going to rocket up my top games list.  I will throw a word of warning out there, this game it big.  It has a hefty setup and teardown and a lot going on, but if you’re willing to put in the time it is an amazing experience!  Also, Em has never been into trading card games and she is really enjoying it!  There are some interesting and really fun card combos in this game and that is always a huge selling point for me.

Designer – Alan R. Moon
Publisher – Days of Wonder
New to me
First play – 6/14/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 3

Yeah…this was a huge blind spot in our game collection.  Neither Em nor I had ever played Ticket to Ride!  We knew that we’d like it but to be honest we just never picked it up.  Finally it went into our cart when we picked up Isle of Skye, Millennium Blades, and Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition.  This is the sixth game on this month’s list that we were able to teach to our family.  Again, they really seemed to enjoy it as it is super simple to pick up, fun to play, and looks great on the table.  No wonder that this is a go-to for gateway games.

Designer – Isaac Vega
Publisher – Plaid Hat Games
Last play before June 2016 – 5/4/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 2

YES!  June marks the month that I was finally able to defeat Em with Noah Redmoon.  I feel like I finally got his base deck rolling as I used his illusion dice power to exhaust Em’s dice pool.  I lost the first game as Em used Rin against me and whipped up on me the first time.  The second game we played I was finally able to get some board presence and defeat her!  I love this game and can’t wait to see the Leo and Victoria decks in all their glory!

Designer – Mike Fitzgerald
Publisher – Eagle-Gryphon Games
Last play before June 2016 – 5/18/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 1

Woot!  Here is another game that Em seems to have a great handle on and really beats up on me a large portion of the time!  Regardless of that fact this is quickly moving up my favorite game’s list.  This was a good month for me however as I was able to defeat her 4 games to 1 in our only two-player game and I beat the solo game 4 games to 3.  I am hoping that Fitzgerald just continues to make more expansions for this game as they just add more replayability!

Designer – Fabien Riffaud/Juan Rodriguez
Publisher – Cool Mini Or Not
Last play before June 2016 – 5/25/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 2

Em and I only got in a couple of plays of this game during June and they were rough!  We didn’t last very long in either of these rounds as the cards were definitely against us.  This is just a fun and quick co-operative hand management game where you are just trying to make it to the end without running out of cards in the “bad” deck.  We really like this one and I hope to pick up the expansion, At Your Orders, sometime soon as I’ve heard it makes the two-player game even better and even adds a solo option.

Designer – Oleksandr Nevisky/Oleg Sidorenko
Publisher – Libellud/Asmodee
Last play before June 2016 – 3/19/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 2

Here is the eighth game that we were able to teach to our family this month!  I absolutely love this game.  It is one of those games that are just perfect to bring out in almost any group and they can have fun with it no matter what level they are at.  We played two games of it and lost the first time but were successful the second time.  Everyone enjoyed the plays of this and that is always exciting to see!  I look forward to adding Hidden Signs to the mix and improving the replayability of this already awesome game.

Designer – Alexander Pfister
Publisher – Lookout Games/Mayfair Games
Last play before June 2016 – 5/18/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 2

Em and I got a couple of plays of this fun multi-use card game and she beat up on me both times!  This is just one of those games that she seems to really have down pat and I think I tend to try to push my luck a little too far!  No matter, I love the game whether I win or lose!  I’ve read in an interview that he would like to do an expansion and this would be an auto-buy if it ever came out.  This is a go-to every month and we love it!

Designer – Tom Lehmann/Wei-Hwa Huang
Publisher – Rio Grande Games
Last play before June 2016 – 5/11/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 2

We finally got the Ambition expansion to Roll for the Galaxy and got a couple of plays of it in this month.  I really like this one!  The new modules that you can add in add some cool new features to an already amazing game.  I’m not sure that this is a necessary expansion but it is still totally awesome.  This is one of the games that any expansion will be on our list as soon as it comes out.

Designer – Adam West/Dan Schnake/Abe Schnake
Publisher – CrossCut Games
Last play before June 2016 – 2/28/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 2

I pulled this game out in June and played it solo a couple of times.  This was actually a really good solo experience!  I enjoyed that it didn’t seem to lose any flavor of the game and the solo experience was actually trying to defeat your opponent where solo games are often a point scoring affair.  I won on easy and lost on medium.  I look forward to trying it again and defeating the next level!

Designer – Antoine Bauza/Bruno Cathala
Publisher – Repos Production/Asmodee
Last play before June 2016 – 5/4/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 1

It doesn’t feel like a month of gaming if we haven’t gotten in at least one game of this wonderful two-player game.  I played fairly well but Em snuck in a military victory in the last few cards to take me out before we were able to score.  I’d have won!  Oh well, getting beaten is something I’m good at!  Love this game and still hoping that the expansion makes it in time for Essen Spiel.

Designer – Michael Kiesling/Wolfgang Kramer
Publisher – R&R Games
Last play before June 2016 – 4/20/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 1

Em and I got in another play of this Euro-style gem and I have to say, every time I play it I enjoy it even more!  I love how simple the design is but it has such great decisions to make.  I love being able to optimize my time in order to make the best moves possible.  I thought I had beaten Em this time but I was so unbalanced in my coal mine that she was able to squeak ahead for a two point win.

Designer – Błażej Kubacki
Publisher – NSKN Games/Passport Game Studios
Last play before June 2016 – 4/9/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 1

I played my second game of Mistfall during June and I have to say that this is an absolutely great adventure-style card game.  It is epic, fiddly, long, and just a ton of fun!  This is definitely not a game I’d play with most people as it would be a bear to teach, but as a solo adventure I love it.  It somewhat reminds me of Mage Knight in this way, I love to play it solo, but not necessarily with other people.

Designer – Uwe Rosenberg
Publisher – Lookout Games/Mayfair Games
Last play before June 2016 – 5/30/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 1

Yup, another month, another play of the wonderful Patchwork.  I don’t know what else to really say about this game.  It is one of our favorite two-player games and is an amazing abstract.  This will be a game we always play and never get bored with.  I can’t wait to see what Uwe does with the mechanism in a larger game like Feast for Odin!

Designer - François Gandon
Publisher – Days of Wonder
Last play before June 2016 – 5/5/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 1

Em and I got in a play of this fun tile-laying, city-building game and she was able to just barely edge me out for the win.  I am really enjoying our plays of this fun, quick Days of Wonder production and it actually was the reason that we finally ripped off the band-aid and bought Ticket to Ride…finally!  Back to Quadropolis, this is just a fun game that we’re quite enjoying thus far.  I look forward to being able to teach it to others as I think it is a good, light-ish tile-placement game.

Designer – Marc André
Publisher – Space Cowboys/Asmodee
New to me
First play – 6/29/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 1

Em and I got the digital version of this Space Cowboy’s production and learned it very quickly.  I can understand why this game resonates with people although I’m sure it is quite a bit better with the actual physical copy.  This is a fun engine-builder although maybe a little lighter than we tend to really like.

Designer – Kristian Čurla
Publisher – Portal Games
Last play before June 2016 – 5/5/16
Total plays in June 2016 – 1

We got a quick play of this great little two-player card game from Portal Games while we were out getting frozen yogurt with our daughter at Sweet Frog.  This game is so easy to pull out and play quickly and I absolutely love the puzzle of how to most benefit from the cards that you get.  I love this game and am looking forward to the new one in the series, Tides of Madness, which gives some slightly new mechanisms along with the card-drafting.

New game acquisitions in June 2016:
Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King
Millennium Blades
Ticket to Ride

New expansion acquisitions in June 2016:
Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition

Well, there we have it.  We had another great month of gaming and it was awesome to actually hit 100 plays for the month!  Even more so, it was awesome to be able to game with my family and teach them a bunch of sweet games that they thought were cool.  I am currently working on a couple of series that I should be starting soon.  The first one that will probably come out is my Gen Con 2016 series.  There will probably be about five posts in the series by the time it is finished and will take a look at the games I’m looking forward to at this year’s Gen Con.   The second series will be mine and Em’s top 10 lists.  I may actually up mine to top 20 as I feel I have enough plays of games to do this now.  This series will also contain around five posts on our favorite games.  Well, there you have it.  As always, if you have any questions or comments feel free to write them below.  Until next time, game on!

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