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Obligatory 2016 Gen Con Post Part V: Top 10 List (Games 1-5)

Wow, we’ve made it to games 1-5 of my top 10 game interests of Gen Con 2016!  These are all games that I really want to check out/buy very soon!  These games all look really good although I don’t know if they will all hit my purchases or not due to prices.  As I look at these games in my top 5 I’ve noticed how they are all fairly heavily thematic games and that is pretty interesting and I think really signifies Gen Con releases as a whole.  As I gather the top 5 feel free to check out my previous four posts in the Gen Con 2016 series below

Gen Con 2016 Post Part I: Top 5 Game Expansions

Alright, now that the bookkeeping is done lets go ahead and move on to the top 5 games in my top 10 list for Gen Con 2016.  These are all very exciting for me and a few may be preordered already…but I’ll let you all guess which ones!  Enough preamble, on to the list!

Via Nebula is a route building, pick-up-and-deliver, territory building game that is designed by Martin Wallace and published by Space Cowboys and Asmodee.  This game is built on the ideas of Wallace’s previous route building games such as Age of Steam.  It really has the feeling of building the train routes but instead completely changes the theme.  Now his ideas are set in a fantasy world where you are part of a people group in this valley where there are mists.  You need to take turns and explore this mist while finding resources and making routes to them in order to build buildings.  This is a Space Cowboys production and thus looks absolutely beautiful!  This is also the second Space Cowboys/Martin Wallace release that is on my top 10 list and I hope that means good things to come from the pairing.  I am really looking forward to this game as it apparently gives the feeling of his train games but with a veneer that really appeals to me!

Scythe is an area control, economic, territory building game that is designed by Jamey Stegmaier and is published by Stonemaier Games.  This is one of the biggest hyped games of the year and apparently it seems to be holding up under the scrutiny as most reviews tend to be on the positive side.  Scythe takes place in a 1920’s alternate-history European setting where a militaristic factory has closed its doors and set the stage for five (and two more with the expansion later in the year) neighboring countries to come in and take control of the land.  While the set dressing screams “Ameri-trash” this game is much more heavily rooted in Euro-style games.  Stegmaier has stated that Terra Mystica and Kemet heavily influenced the design of this game and from what I’ve seen it shows.  I love how there seem to be different paths to victory in this beautiful looking game.  Speaking of beautiful, the art in this game, by Jakub Rozalski, is absolutely gorgeous!  It really gives the feeling of a 1920’s Europe where steam powered mechs roam the land along with farmers and everyday workers.  This is high on my list and for good reason, I’m really looking forward to trying it!

Covert is a dice-placement, set collection, action movement, espionage game designed by Kane Klenko and published by Renegade Game Studios.  This game finds the player taking control of a network of spies in an attempt to complete missions and gain intel in order to become the most connected group of espionage agents.  Each turn the players will roll their dice and place them on different areas of the board which then allow you to take different actions and complete different missions and break different codes.  You also have cards which are multi-use (one of my favorite mechanisms!) and give you different options within the game.  I love the different things that you are able to do with the dice and cards and the decision points that it creates in this game.  Klenko already has a dice-rolling game (FUSE) that my wife and I love and I think that this has the possibility of being another!  If it weren’t for the next two games on the list this would have easily been number one!

Cry Havoc is an area-control, deck-building, hand-management game designed by Grant Rodiek, Michał Oracz, and Michał Walczak and published by Portal Games.  This game finds the players taking control of different, asymmetrical races attempting to defeat the other factions on the planet for their own reasons.  Will you take control of the indigenous Trog trying to protect their planet or the Machines who are trying to spread and destroy all life?  Or maybe you’ll take control of the Humans who are trying to exploit the planet for profit or the Pilgrims who are there for research?  Each of these factions plays very different and has their own ways of manipulating the game and scoring points.  Players will attempt to take control of areas and of crystals on the planet while using their faction’s deck of cards to gain this control.  I love how this game has a deck-building mechanism along with multi-use cards (i.e. Imperial Settlers, 51st State: Master Set, Guilds of London) which is one of my very favorite game mechanisms!  Portal Games did a great job on this game as the production is absolutely amazing and the artwork is absolutely great!  This game kind of came out of nowhere and really picked up steam as earlier in the year I wasn’t that interested, but learning about the card play really knocked it up my list!  If it weren’t for my #1 game this game would have taken the top spot!  Speaking of the top spot

SeaFall is a 4x, campaign, legacy-style game with hand management elements that is designed by Rob Daviau (Mr. Legacy himself!) and published by Plaid Hat Games.  This game is the follow up to Daviau’s (with Matt Leacock) hit Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 and takes the legacy idea and runs with it.  This is the first original game that he is doing with the legacy system.  This game finds players taking the role of an empire that is taking place in the age of sail where they are exploring the world in order to discover new islands and spread themselves out into the world.  This game will have a sense of permanence as the gameboard will change constantly as players are finding islands and creating the board as they go.  Along with this each player will create and grow their empires as they are exploring and exploiting the new lands that they find, all the while exterminating their enemies where they can.  This has been my number one game want for some time and I am super excited that it will be coming out at Gen Con.  I will probably hold off on purchasing for a little bit as I am waiting to find a good, consistent group to play this one as I would like as close to the full player count as possible!

Well my friends, there you have it.  These are the top 5 games that I am interested in during this year’s Gen Con.  I would expect that I’ll have at least a couple of them by the end of the year and probably all five of them by Gen Con next year!  If you think I’ve missed something, feel free to let me know in the comments and I’ll take a closer look at it!  Stay tuned to the blog as I’ll be putting up at least one more post that will tackle the top 5 games that are able to be demoed but not purchased during the convention.  I may do one final post in the series after Gen Con is over and I’ve looked over the convention videos and find some things that I missed or were surprises.  This has been a super fun series to do and I thank you all for reading!  Until next time, game on!

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