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Obligatory Favorite Games 2015 Edition Post Part V: Games That May Crack My Top 10

This is the fifth and final post in my “Obligatory Favorite Games 2015 Edition” series.  Check the links after this paragraph to find the previous four posts.  The first was of my wife, Em’s, top 5 games.  The second post was of my honorable mentions while the third and fourth posts were of my top 10 games.  Check these out at the follow links:

Now we move on to the fifth and final post of the series.  This will be different from the previous posts because this is a speculation post.  What I mean is that these games that I list in the post are games that I think could crack my top 10. 

Understand that I haven’t played any of these games as of yet but I have done my research on all of them including rules reading, video watching, and forum searching.  These are all games that have been released in some form and thus have plenty of support from online reviewers and other boardgame community members.  These are unnumbered and in alphabetical order as they are just possibilities at this point!  Also, I probably won’t go into a ton of detail about them and I’ve mentioned some of these on previous posts and again, just speculations...enjoy!

Argent: The Consortium (Level 99 Games)

Argent: The Consortium is a worker placement style game released by Level 99 Games and designed by Trey Chambers.  Argent focuses on worker placement where the workers each have a special power.  It also holds the distinction of the first game by Level 99 that wasn’t designed by D. Brad Talton, Jr.

Brew Crafters (Dice Hate Me Games)

Brew Crafters is a worker placement style game released by Dice Hate Me Games and designed by Ben Rosset.  This game has often been touted as an Agricola-light game with the (in my humble opinion) far superior theme of running a micro-brewery.  I have this game on pre-order and can’t wait until I get it!

Castles of Mad King Ludwig (Bezier Games, Inc.)

Castle of Mad King Ludwig is a tile placement game released by Bezier Games and designed by Ted Alspach.  This is a very cool looking game where you place your tiles and score points depending on certain goals that you get and that are put out for the public.  I love games where you have a finished product that you can look at and say, “Hey, I built that and even if I lost, it still looks really cool!”

Dice Brewing (StuntKite Publishing / Board&Dice)

Dice Brewing is a dice game will be released in America by StuntKite Publishing and was designed by Filip Glowacz and Ireneusz Huszcza.  This game just looks fun.  I love the theme and I love rolling dice.  I also enjoy when there are things in the game where you can manipulate the dice rolls and this game has that as well.  This is another game that I have on pre-order and hope to get it soon!

Fields of Arle (Z-Man Games)

Fields of Arle is an economic, worker-placement, farm simulation released by Z-Man Games and designed by the proficient Uwe Rosenberg.  This game intrigues me over Uwe’s other games for some reason, and I don’t really know why.  Something about the look and play of this game has made it extremely interesting to me and I am fairly positive it will be my first Uwe game.

Mysterium (Libellud/Portal Games)

Mysterium (Tajemnicze Domostwo in Poland) is an asymmetrical co-operative game that will be released in America by Libellud and was designed by Oleksandr Nevskiy and Oleg Sidorenko.  This is a very cool looking game that mixes mechanics from Clue and Dixit to make a game where one person plays a ghost giving clues while everyone else plays the roles of investigators.  Beautiful art in this game!

Nations: The Dice Game (Asmodee)

Nations: The Dice Game is a dice-rolling, civilization game that will be released in America by Asmodee and was designed by Rustan Hakansson.  This is a reimplementation of the game 2013 hit Nations and seems to really hold to the theme while streamlining the gameplay into a fun, succinct package.

Roll for the Galaxy (Rio Grande Games)

Roll for the Galaxy is a dice-rolling, tableau-building game released by Rio Grande Games and designed by Thomas Lehmann and Wei-Hwa Huang.  This game had been in development and rumored for many years before it was finally released late in 2014.  It is a reimplementation of the popular and greatly loved, Race for the Galaxy.  I have this one and plan on getting it to the table soon!

Russian Railroads (Z-Man Games)

Russian Railroads is a worker-placement game released by Z-Man Games and designed by Helmut Ohley and Leonhard Orgler.  This is a 2013 release that was nominated and won a few awards.  It is heavy on worker-placement and industry building.  I’m not quite sure why I’m so interested in this one, but everything I’ve watched makes me even more excited to play it.

Viceroy (Mayday Games/Hobby World)

Viceroy is a tableau-building, set-collecting game that will be released in American by Mayday Games and was designed by Yuri Zhuravlev.  This game was incredibly hot at 2014 Essen Spiel and was picked up by Mayday Games for a Kickstarter pre-order.  This may be the game most likely to crack my top 10 on this list as it is right up my alley.  I pre-ordered this game and hope to see it by July.

Well, there we go!  These are all games that I am incredibly interested in.  Roll for the Galaxy is currently in my possession and Brew Crafters, Dice Brewing, and Viceroy are all pre-ordered.   

Thanks for reading this series!  If you have any other games I should be checking out just let me know in the comments.  My next post will probably be an unboxing of either Roll for the Galaxy or Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King (it should be here tomorrow) and after that, who knows?  Until next time, game on!

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