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Obligatory “What I Played In…” Post Part XXIV: June 2017

Alright, on to another month of playing board and card games!  This post will take a look at the games we played from the month of June 2017.  This particular month was one where we had less plays than our average but only by a little bit.  Em and I were able to go to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and stay in a house with our family for the week and that lessened our plays but we still got in quite a good few plays.  We were able to hang with our family and play some games as well as teach them some new ones.  We also saw some friends we hadn’t seen in a while and played some games with them!  Overall it was a great month with some fun gaming!  Before moving on to the games we played during the month here are the stats for our 10x10 challenge for this year.

10x10 Challenge:
Arkham Horror: The Card Game (0 plays in June, 1 total play for 2017)
Cottage Garden (0 plays in June, 5 total plays for 2017)
Five Tribes (1 play in June, 3 total plays for 2017)
Gloomhaven (2 plays in June, 7 total plays for 2017)
Great Western Trail (1 play in June, 6 total plays for 2017)
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (0 plays in June, 9 total plays for 2017)
Ticket to Ride (4 plays in June, 13 total plays for 2017)
Tokaido (0 plays in June, 2 total plays for 2017)
Too Many Bones (2 plays in June, 10 total plays for 2017)
Unfair (0 plays in June, 5 total plays for 2017)

There you have it, our 10x10 challenge statistics for this past month.  We are really starting to truck along on the challenge and have already completed the plays for a couple of games.  Now that we’ve checkout the challenge stats, let’s go ahead and move on to the rest of the post.

Total plays in June 2017 – 43
Total unique games played in June 2017 – 17
New games played in June 2017 – 2
New games acquired in June – 2
New expansions acquired in June 2017 – 1
Most plays of a single game in June – 6

Designer – Vlaada Chvátil
Publisher – Czech Games Edition
Last play before June 2017 – 6/15/16
Total plays in June 2017 – 6

It had been a while since we took out this great party style game so we brought it to the beach with us.  We had a couple of friends come and visit along with our family and were able to play some rounds of the girls vs. the boys.  The boys were able to win 4-2!

Designer – Alexander Pfister/Andreas Pelikan
Publisher – Ravensburger/alea
Last play before June 2017 – 5/28/17
Total plays in June 2017 – 5

We picked this game up at the very end of May and played it once then but were able to get 5 total plays in June!  Em has gone on record saying that this game could move up her favorite games list and maybe even hit the top 10!  We are really enjoying this game.

Designer – Uwe Rosenberg
Publisher – Rio Grande Games/Amigo Spiele
Last play before June 2017 – 5/9/17
Total plays in June 2017 – 4

This was awesome!  I absolutely love playing this incredibly clever card game by the fantastic designer, Uwe Rosenberg.  We brought it to the beach with us and it went over incredibly well and thus we got to play it a bunch of times!  I think this will become our family go to game when we are on vacation and I love that!

Designer – Alan R. Moon
Publisher – Days of Wonder
Last play before June 2017 – 4/22/17
Total plays in June 2017 – 4

We got a new map for Ticket to Ride this past month and loved it…no surprise!  We picked up the Team Asia/Legendary Asia map expansion that allows up to 6 players and also plays in 3 teams of 2 players each.  This was a very interesting map and I’m glad we picked it up as the family loved it when we played at the beach!

Designer – Phil Walker-Harding
Publisher – Lookout Games/Mayfair Games
Last play before June 2017 – 5/29/17
Total plays before June 2017 – 3

We were able to play more of this wonderful little tile-laying and tile-drafting game by one of the master’s of light Euro-style design, Phil Walker-Harding.  This game is quick, fun, and incredibly easy to teach as Molly picked it up really quickly and enjoyed it.  My only negative of this game is the set-up, but honestly it is a very slight quibble.

Designer – Matt Leacock
Publisher – Z-Man Games
Last play before June 2017 – 5/16/17
Total plays before June 2017 – 3

Em and I broke this game out a few times at the beach with the family and they really enjoyed it.  I love how quick this version of Pandemic is as you can lose, quickly set up again, and immediately attempt to save the world again.  This is one of those games that is very addicting until you’re able to win a round much in the way FUSE is.

Designer – Isaac Vega
Publisher – Plaid Hat Games
Last play before June 2017 – 3/1//17
Total plays in June 2017 – 2

Em and I brought this card game along with us to the beach and had a little time one day to break it out and play.  Em took control of Rin in both games while I took control of Victoria for the first game and Leo for the second.  I was able to take her out in both rounds!

Designer – Kane Klenko
Publisher – Renegade Game Studios
New to me
First play – 6/10/17
Total plays in June 2017 – 2

Before heading off to the beach we stopped off at one of our favorite game stores in Bowie, MD called Games and Stuff.  We were able to find this new release and learn it while we were on vacation.  The game is great!  I love that it is in the same world as FUSE but feels totally different.  This is a fantastic real-time, dice rolling game!

Designer – Issac Childres
Publisher – Cephalofair Games
Last play before June 2017 – 5/25/17
Total plays in June 2017 – 2

Yay for Gloomhaven night!  Sadly we were only able to get in two games of this fantastic adventure due to going on vacation, but they were awesome rounds!  I love how balanced this game is as we haven’t lost yet but been extremely close every time but once!

Designer – Kalle Malmioja
Publisher – Renegade Game Studios/Lautapelit.fi
New to me
First play – 6/20/17
Total plays in June 2017 – 2

Em and I picked up this newer release (English edition) just before the end of June and played it a couple times in June.  This is a quick, easy-to-pick up card game where the cards double as “tricks” and also as tiles that you’ll place in order to collect certain sets.  It is very fun and I’m looking forward to trying it with even more people.

Designer – Phil Walker-Harding
Publisher – Gamewright
Last play before June 2017 – 1/22/17
Total plays in June 2017 – 2

We were able to bring this game to the beach and play it with Adam and Christina and it was great!  This is just one of those easy to pick up and easy to teach games that is just plain, simple fun.  This is also the second game by Phil Walker-Harding in this month’s gameplays…is he moving up on my favorite designer’s list?

Designer – Adam Carlson/Josh Carlson
Publisher – Chip Theory Games
Last play before June 2017 – 5/24/17
Total plays in June 2017 – 2

Oh man is this game ever great!  This is a future top 10 with no problems!  I put this game on my 10x10 challenge in January knowing that it was shipping in the middle of the year and just got it about 2 months ago.  I’ve already finished the 10 plays for the challenge in 2 months!  That is how much I love this game and that should be enough to state how good I think it is!  I can’t wait to see what else Adam and Josh do with this wonderful game!

Designer – Uwe Rosenberg
Publisher – Amigo Spiele
Last play before June 2017 – 3/23/17
Total plays in June 2017 – 2

Em and I pulled out this quick, little dice chucker and played a couple of rounds.  This is still one of the best small-box fillers out there and I’d recommend it to pretty much anyone.  This is a game that comes with me most places due to its portability and accessibility.

Designer – Bruno Cathala
Publisher – Days of Wonder
Last play before June 2017 – 2/25/17
Total plays in June 2017 – 1

We pulled out this fantastic Mancala-style Days of Wonder release and had a great time with it.  Em was able to control the board and had a Djinn that was able to continue to keep me on my toes during the whole round and she capitalized on that to win.  This is a great game and I really want to get the Artisans of Naqala to see what it adds to the experience.

Designer – Alexander Pfister
Publisher – Stronghold Games/eggertspiele
Last play before June 2017 – 5/4/17
Total plays in June 2017 – 1

I brought this game along with me to a game night with Josh, Jeff, and Tyler and was able to teach them this fantastic game!  It was a pretty epic game as it went a little longer than I’m used to but I didn’t care as I was engrossed in the game the entire time!  This is becoming one of my very favorite games and I love any time I get to pull it out!

Designer – Alexander Pfister
Publisher – Pegasus Spiele
Last play before June 2017 – 4/29/17
Total plays in June 2017 – 1

Em and I played a quick game of this great push-your-luck game this past month and I was able to take the win!  This is a wonderful and quick little game and I really want to pick up the expansion which adds co-operative play as well as solo play.  Pfister is awesome and I look forward to any play of any of his games!

Designer – Marc André
Publisher – Space Cowboys
Last play before June 2017 – 7/12/16
Total plays in June 2017 – 1

Em and I broke our digital copy of Splendor along with us to Bob Evan’s as we went out for a breakfast date along with Fiona.  We played a quick round and I was able to build up my engine and complete the victory point requirement before Em could really get rolling.  It is a solid game but I don’t really feel the need to own a physical copy.

New game acquisitions in June 2017:

New expansion acquisitions in June 2017:

Alright!  There you have it, another great month of gaming and hanging with family and friends!  I am looking forward to the next couple of months as there are some solid releases coming out and also I should (fingers crossed) be getting a Kickstarter delivery or two.  Also, we have Gen Con 2017 coming up and I’m officially able to go for a couple of days and I’m really pumped to check it out!  Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post.  Until next time, game on!

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