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Obligatory End of 2015 Post Part I: Final Statistics from 2015

Hey everyone, welcome back!  Another year has passed which means another year of a ton of “best of 2015” lists from prominent reviews and boardgame media personalities.  I quite enjoy going through these different lists and seeing what people have enjoyed but to be honest I don’t have the funds to get so many of the new releases right when they come out. 

That being said, much like last year, I am going to be doing a series of “End of 2015” posts where I will take a look at a few different things.  This post will focus on my 2015 final gaming statistics.  The second post in this series will be the “Late-ies.”  That post will be awards and “best of” categories from the year gone by.  After that post I will do a few on my top interests of the games I haven’t played from 2015.  Lastly I will do a few posts on my top interests from the games coming up in 2016.  I’m looking forward to the series and I hope you all enjoy the read! 

Sometimes you just have to rip some cards...

Final Statistics from 2015:
Total plays in 2015 – 467
Total unique games played in 2015 – 64
Total new unique games played 2015 – 38
Most total plays in a month – 75 (December)
Most plays of a unique game in 2015 – 34 (Coup)
Most unique games played in a month – 25 (September)
Most plays of a game in a month – 22 (Codenames/September)
Most months a unique game was played in 2015 – 8 (Imperial Settlers/Star Wars: Imperial Assault)
Total designers (recognized by BoardGameGeek) played in 2015 – 77
Most unique games by a designer played in 2015 – 7 (Antoine Bauza)
Most plays of all games by a unique designer in 2015 – 42 (Antoine Bauza)
Total publishers (recognized by BoardGameGeek) played in 2015 – 40
Most unique games by a publisher played in 2015 – 6 (Asmodee)
Most plays of all games by a unique publisher in 2015 – 44 (Portal Games)
Games acquired with a 2015 release date (recognized by BoardGameGeek) – 20
Total Quarters (25 plays, or more, of a game) in 2015 – 2
Total Dimes (10 plays, up to 24, of a game) in 2015 – 15
Total Nickels (5 plays, up to 9, of a game) in 2015 – 19

Sean & Em give Pandemic Legacy 4 Thumbs Up

Quarters in 2015 (total plays in parenthesis):
Coup (34)
Codenames (30)

Dimes in 2015 (total plays in parenthesis):
Roll for the Galaxy (24)
Patchwork (23)
Rhino Hero (23)
Imperial Settlers (18)
Viceroy (17)
Star Wars: Imperial Assault (16)
Tides of Time (14)
Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn (13)
Bottom of the 9th (13)
Shadowrun: Crossfire (12)
Red7 (11)
Samurai Spirit (11)
Paperback (10)
Seasons (10)
Trambahn (10)

Family Game Night Pics (throughout the year)
Nickels in 2015 (Total plays in parenthesis):
Hanabi (8)
Munchkin Loot Letter (8)
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords (8)
Welcome to the Dungeon (8)
Elder Sign (7)
Onirim (7)
Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island (7)
7 Wonders (6)
7 Wonders: Duel (6)
Brew Crafters (6)
The Builders: Antiquity (6)
Carcassonne (6)
Diamonds (5)
Dice Brewing (5)
Forbidden Island (5)
Ghost Stories (5)
Quarriors! (5)
Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot (5)
Tokaido (5)

And there we have it!  Those are the final statistic from my (also most of them with my wife, Em) gameplays in 2015.  I found this to be a pretty interesting experiment and look forward to doing it again next year to see what things are at the top again.  What were some of your statistic for the year?  Is there any statistic that I missed that you want to know?  Just let me know in the comments either here or on BoardGameGeek where I cross-post my blog.  My handle is LateToTheTable.  Keep an eye on the blog as I’ll have quite a few posts for this series going up in the next month.  After my “End of 2015” series my wife and I will revisit our top 10 (for me) and top 5 (for her) lists to see where they are now.  Until next time, game on!

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