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Obligatory 2015 Kickstarter Post Part III: Top 10 List (Part II)

Another day, another part of my top 10 Kickstarters list!  This will be the final post in my 2015 Kickstater interests list.  This post will focus on my games 1-5 of the top 10 and these are some great looking games!  If you haven’t seen my previous two posts (which are on my honorable mentions and my games 6-10 of my top 10) just click on the links that I’ll provide below if you are so inclined.  Again, remember that these are only games that haven’t shipped to backers; it doesn’t matter when the campaign was or even if it has even happened yet.  And here are the promised links!

Okay, now we move on to the meat of my post, the top 5 game interests from Kickstarter.  These are all games that I am extremely interested in.  Of these 5 games I have backed 2 of them and another I have as the top game on my Christmas list.  Let’s get this started.

#5 – Gloomhaven (Cephalofair Games)

Gloomhaven is a co-operative, grid movement, and hand management game designed by Isaac Childres (who just recently finished and shipped his first Kickstarter for Forge War) and will be released by Cephalofair games.  This game is still currently funding and is at (during the time of this post) 2,841 backers and has made $221,626 thus far.  Gloomhaven is a game that takes the idea of a dungeon crawler and turns it on its head.  This game uses two part cards as its primary mechanism.  You take your hand of cards (which is completely different for all the classes) and you get to use 2 of them on your turn.  You just have to decide which card you will use the top portion for and which you’ll use the bottom portion for.  This game also has a “legacy” style in that it grows with you as you continue to level up and move through the game.  This allows the world to change and grow instead of stagnating.  I am very much looking forward to this game but I will hold off until it hits retail so I can get a better idea of the game as a whole.

#4 – The Networks (Formal Ferret Games)

The Networks is a card drafting game designed by Gil Hova and will be released by Formal Ferret Games.  This game is still currently funding and is at (during the time of this post) 1,498 backers and has made $55,220 thus far.  The Networks looks like an awesome medium/light weight game that we’ll be able to break out will new gamers and seasoned gamers alike.  It really looks like fun as you draft cards in order to place them on your board to attempt to score the most viewers possible.  This game has a wit and elegance to it and the campaign is being impeccably run by Hova.  This game is one that I will back (I haven’t currently but will in the next couple of days) along with one other in my top 5.  This is a game that I think will appeal to such a large amount of gamers and I’m glad it is doing so well.  Another plus for this game is that it plays solo as well as up to five people.  I love the player count!

#3 – New Bedford (Dice Hate Me/Greater Than Games)

New Bedford is a worker placement and city building game designed by Nathaniel Levan and will be released by the Dice Hate Me imprint of Greater Than Gamers.  This game was funded by 2,316 backers and made $109,343 during its run on Kickstarter.  This game was one that I had my eye on about 9 months ago or so when it was originally on in December of 2014.  They ended up cancelling the project as they decided they could do an even better campaign and improve the game in the meantime.  I really respect this decision as what they have created is a beautiful worker placement game with and absolutely original theme that centers on whaling in the town of New Bedford.  This game was an insta-back for me and I can’t wait till it hits my door sometime next year.  Also, this was another of the impeccably run Kickstarters that you’ll find on my list.  As a bonus you could buy a second game called Nantucket for only $6 and no difference in shipping.

#2 – Scythe (Stonemaier Games)

Scythe is an area control, territory building, and economic game designed by Jamey Stegmaier and will be released by his company Stonemaier Games.  This game hasn’t yet going onto Kickstarter for its run but will start on October 13th, 2015.  This is going to be one of the hottest releases of the year and I think that it will do very well in its run.  This game has been (loosely) likened to a mixture of Agricola and Kemet in that you use/harvest resources and use deterministic combat in order to control parts of the board.  I love that Stegmaier came up with this idea when he ran across the artist, Jakub Rozalski’s, work.  This is a blend of steampunk and of World War I imagery which is both stark and beautiful at the same time.  Stonemaier Games runs some of the best Kickstarter campaigns in the business and I think that this one will be their most popular to date.  This is another game that’s price point will be high enough that I can’t afford to back it now, but when it hits retail it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine!

#1 – The Gallerist (Eagle-Gryphon Games)

The Gallerist is a worker placement, set collection and economic game designed by the fabulous Vital Lacerda (of CO2, Vinhos, and Kanban: Automotive Revolution, fame) and will be released by Eagle-Gryphon Games.  This game was funded by 1,089 backers and made 83,212 during its run on Kickstarter.  This game has one of the coolest themes I’ve ever seen in a boardgame.  You take control of a burgeoning art gallery and use your workers in order to go out and find new artists.  You can then go further into the game to try to control the popularity of said artists in order to resell their works of art for an even larger amount of money.  The artwork and the graphic design of this game are absolutely on point.  Eagle-Gryphon did a great job in the production of this game, as it looks absolutely gorgeous.  This game will be the top game on my Christmas list this year.  I truly hope to have it under the tree waiting for me on Christmas morning!

Well there you have it.  Three separate posts listing my top 10 Kickstarter interests, my honorable mentions, and a few more just for fun!  This series was a ton of fun to write and I hope you all enjoyed reading them.  As always, if you have any questions or comments please post below.  Until next time, game on!

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